Mr Maurizio Mori

GME Recycling

Maurizio Mori holds a Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Universit√† Cattolica di Milano, and a Masters Degree in Marketing. He started his professional journey at Samsung Electronics as a Product Manager Support, then continued on to Candy Group (currently Haier group) connecting consumers’ needs with new technologies, enablers of a greater value, within the consumer technology industry.

Keen on the commercial dimension and passionate about digital and new ways to interact with consumers, in 2016 Maurizio joined Whirlpool Corporation Group, driving new product development from scratch up to sellout strategies and initiatives, on different product categories and across EMEA, pursing strong track of records on all relevant KPIs.

Today Maurizio is serving GME commercial operations with the aim of spreading a sustainable and green technological message around Circular economy industry.