Secondary lead recycling in Africa

Africa is one of the growing markets for recycling commodities, including ULAB. Besides recycling, and in addition, Africa is also offering awide range of minerals and metals to the entire world. It is world’s second largest continent with more than 50 countries. All the countries have different cultures, values and opportunities. The recent economic development across the continent together with its large population makes Africa an important market in the global economic context.

However, low GDP and per capita income in many of Africa’s nations linked with low levels of literacy brings challenges throughout the whole continent.

Africa is a net metal and minerals exporting continent, but despite its potential wealth poverty levels are high resulting in large sale informal businesses, including ULAB recycling thereby posing huge challenges for governments and the formal business sectors across the entire continent.

Notwithstanding the inherent issues there is increasing economic developmental and foreign investment which is essential to improve infrastructureand  growth in the entire African market. The production of lead batteries is growing rapidly in Africa as the market for lead batteries expands. However, Africa is facing serious environmental and potential health problems due to a lack of regulation and investment in environmentally sound battery recycling plants.

Our presentation will cover a Brief overview of the African territories, the challenges in Africa, recycling in Africa, the initiatives planned, Gravita’s Position in Africa and the way forward (Gravita’s Plan).


Vijay Kumar Pareek Executive Director, Gravita India, India

Mr. Vijay Pareek is executive director and SBU Head for Lead Business at Gravita India Ltd, heading the global Lead business of the Gravita group. He is a regular participant and speaker at various international conferences. In the past 28 years of experience his assignments are spread from sales & marketing and business developments in various industries including the power sector and Non-ferrous Metals.

Mr. Pareek holds degree in Metallurgy and Masters in Business administration.