How to connect productivity, cost and environmental impact reduction in secondary lead

The lead-acid battery, is rapidly becoming the only lead based product and subsequently the most important raw material for lead production. Secondary lead production is growing in importance in the life cycle of lead, enabling lead to hold the title of the most recycled commodity.

Legislative pressure on lead operations has increased over time, nevertheless, lead continues to be an important player in the energy storage market, due to the Lead batteries being reliable and relatively cheap. The challenge for lead producers is to make the production processes, especially secondary smelting, more environmentally viable, to fulfill the legislator’s requirements, while improving worker’s safety and plant economics.

In this presentation we are going to describe the latest advances introduced by Engitec.


Massimo Maccagni Senior Metallurgist, Engitec Technologies, Italia

Massimo Maccagni is a Consultant Senior Technologist at Engitec Technologies S.p.A. He graduated with a PhD equivalent in Industrial Chemistry (specializing in Electrochemistry and Metallurgy) in 1980 at Milan State University. Following his studies he was a researcher at De Nora Impianti Elettrochimici, studying electrocatalysts and electrochemical processes. Later on he was responsible for the Technical Service of the Italian Dow Chemical distributor. In 1990 he took on the role of R&D manager of Engitec studying new processes for the production of non ferrous metals.

Daniele Silla Commercial Department Manager, Engitec Technologies S.p.A., Italy

Daniele Silla is the Commercial Department Manager at Engitec Technologies S.p.A. He holds a Degree in Economics and Management from the University L. Bocconi (Milan), as well as a Masters Degree in Applied Economics from Catholic University (Milan). After completing his studies, Daniele went on to work in the Technical Local Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senegal, and after that he worked in Business Development and Finance for Decal SpA. He started at Engitec Technologies in 2013.