Golden age for lead battery technology

There are significant opportunities for lead battery technology in current and future markets. However, in order to take advantage or these opportunities, the lead battery technology must continue to adapt, improve and innovate. This presentation will discuss the ground-breaking work of the Consortium for Battery Innovation – the only global lead battery research consortium. Key research results will be presented from CBI’s ongoing Technical Program – driven by the CBI Technical Roadmap. Utility and renewable energy storage applications offer huge opportunities for all battery technologies – new projects related to lead battery use in energy storage applications will also be discussed.


Dr Alistair Davidson Director, Consortium for Battery Innovation

Dr Alistair Davidson is Director of CBI, managing all the consortium’s work programs. Alistair attended the University of Oxford and obtained a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. He has lectured at both Washington State University, USA and the University of Chongqing, China.