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The latest technologies for recycling used lead–acid batteries

Lead–acid batteries are one of the most recycled products in the world. With the ever-increasing demand for an environmentally-sound process, it is important for recycling facilities to be on the front-end of leading technologies. Traditionally, it has been difficult for small-scale operations globally to operate safely and be profitable. The presentation gives an overview of the latest technologies for recycling used lead–acid batteries (ULABs). The associated equipment covers the processing of a range of ULABs sizes ― small (1–5 tons per hour), medium (5–15 tons per hour), large (15–50+ tons per hour) ― all of which, perform efficiently and safely, as well as being environmentally sound and with minimum operator exposure.

Robert Wirtz

Director of Engineering, Wirtz Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Robert Wirtz is a graduate of Michigan State University. As the Director of Engineering at Wirtz Manufacturing Company, Inc., he is currently involved in equipment improvement projects along with process improvement procedures, and works closely with production control, equipment manufacturing, and sales and technical service.