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Oxy E Burner Combustion Technology for Lead Recycling Furnaces

Combustion emissions are a key concern in pyrometallurgical recycling of lead. Oxy-combustion is an established technology for recycling used lead acid batteries (ULABs) and other lead scrap. Not only does it reduce the carbon footprint, but also improves productivity and reduces fuel consumption. This presentation will explain how to adopt and adapt an oxy-combustion burner to control the smelting conditions to optimise yield and improve efficiency in a safe and cost-saving manner. Air Liquide recently introduced the E burner to keep pace with the rapid growth of process digitalization, such that the recycling process can now be monitored and analysed remotely by accessing operating data.

Genaro Guinto

Combustion Application Engineer, Air Liquide

Genaro Guinto graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Philippines with Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering degree. He joined Air Liquide in 2015 as Combustion Application Engineer and is presently based in Philippines. Genaro has more than 20 years’ experience with similar applications in process industries across several countries.