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Occupational Health Workshop: Battery Manufacturing and Recycling

Recent scientific evaluations have suggested that long-standing occupational exposure limits for lead established by regulators in many regions are no longer protective of the health of employees. For example, in 2017 the ACGIH established a new health based biological exposure index (BEI) of 20µg/dL for male workers and several recent evaluations have proposed blood lead removal limits of 30µg/dL for men and 10µg/dL for women of childbearing capacity. As a condition of membership, the International Lead Association (ILA) requires members to demonstrate continuous improvement in the management of employee lead exposures and now has a target of no employees exceeding a blood lead of 20µg/dL.

This workshop is designed to inform participants about the latest developments in occupational lead exposure management, and facilitate best practice information sharing through discussions with fellow EHS professionals. It will have a strong emphasis on practical measures, including behaviour-based monitoring procedures and effective management policies that when applied to the workplace will help companies reduce occupational exposure to lead in both the manufacturing and recycling sectors.

Brian Wilson


Brian Wilson is an independent consultant who works for several Intergovernmental Organisations, NGOs and the International Lead Association.

Most recently he has been working with UNEP and the Basel Convention Secretariat promoting sustainable sound ULAB recycling procedures in Asia, Africa and Central America.

Steve Binks

International Lead Association
Regulatory Affairs Director

Steve Binks joined ILA in 2011 as Regulatory Affairs Director, having previously worked as Director of Hazard Assessment & Communication at GlaxoSmithKline. He has been employed in roles involving understanding and influencing developing legislation since joining SC Johnson as European Product Safety Manager in 1991. Steve is currently the chair of the Eurometaux Regulatory forum that assesses EU legislative development that impacts Associations and companies in the non-ferrous metals sector.