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Lowering Emissions in a Secondary Lead Smelter ― A Case History

Notwithstanding the fact that the CX® Process is acknowledged as one of the Best Available Technologies (B.A.T.) in the recycling of used lead–acid batteries, the technology is always under review and continuous improvement. The focus is on reducing any adverse environmental impact, complying with ever more stringent environmental regulation, minimizing operating costs, and increasing the efficiency of the recycling operation. In this respect, extensive R & D efforts targeting emissions control at source have resulted in the application of some original and unique technical solutions.

The presentation outlines a case history in China where the introduction of new stringent environmental regulations has required the application of a non-traditional approach to the CX® battery recycling technology.

Massimo Sbrosi

, Engitec Technologies SPA

Mr Sbrosi has worked for Engitec Technologies since 2008 — initially as the General Manager of its subsidiary Engitec Green and now as the Metallurgical Technology & Business Development Manager for the Far East region.