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A Low-temperature, Non-polluting, Recycling Process for Used Lead–Acid Batteries

In March 2018, VerdeEn Chemicals received a grant from the Government of India to develop a proprietary low-temperature, pH-basic, electrochemical process for recycling used lead–acid batteries (ULABs). The grant has enabled the company to set up an automated, modular pilot-plant with a production capacity of 2 tonnes of pure lead per day. Currently, these modules are toll recycling ULABs for a major original equipment manufacturer of batteries in India. More recently, the company has entered into a joint venture with financial and strategic investors to establish an automated, commercial scale, recycling plant in India with an initial annual production capacity of 10 000 tonnes. Commercial production of pure lead is expected by the first quarter of 2020. The presentation will include a description of the recycling process and its environmental, health and cost benefits.

Vipin Tyagi

CEO & Co-Founder, VerdeEn Chemicals

Vipin Tyagi is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of VerdeEn Chemicals that aims to produce cost-effective and pollution-free technology for recycling used lead–acid batteries. Previously, he worked as a commodity trader during which he developed a keen understanding of global markets, especially metals and energy. Vipin holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A & M University.