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A Holistic Approach Towards the Recycling of Used Lead–Acid Batteries

Lead–acid batteries are the predominant option for effective, affordable and sustainable energy-storage devices. The lead metal content of the battery constitutes more than 70% of the cost and so recycling used lead–acid batteries (ULABs) not only conserves resources, but also reduces the environmental impact. The economics of recycling is the fundamental key to the viability of the entire industry. Collecting ULABs, transporting them to a recycling plant and recovering the various components in a sustainable manner is essential for the future viability of the Industry. It is therefore, not surprising that environmental compliance is a major concern of Government Agencies in many developing nations and countries in economic transition such as India, Senegal, Mozambique, Ghana and Tanzania. The presentation outlines the contribution being made by Gravita India to ensuring the environmentally-sound recycling of ULABs in India and Africa and how the investment portfolio is based on the dynamics of the secondary lead market.

Vijay Kumar Pareek

Executive Director, Gravita India Ltd

Vijay Pareek holds a degree in metallurgy and a master’s degree in business administration. During the past 26 years, he has undertaken many assignments in a variety of sectors that include power and energy, and non-ferrous metals. Vijay is currently is an Executive Director of Gravita India Ltd.